Una Barac's thought leadership on Business Hotels in Impression Magazine No3


Article about The Perfect Hotel February 2018, Issue No3 Impression Magazine

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Impression Magazine wanted to hear from businesspersons and designers about their thoughts on the perfect hotel, how and why perceptions of perfection vary depending on the hotel's guest profile. Una Barac, the Executive Director of Atellior assisted in the article with her impressions.


“Comfort is key in the design of business hotels. Business guests often have gruelling travel and meeting schedules, giving them very little time to relax and recuperate. On top of that they are far from home and often travelling alone. Aim to provide business guests with a good night’s rest in a really comfortable bed – along with a great shower, as they often don’t have the time for a long bath, welcoming public areas with good F&B provision and space to work, exercise and relax.” - Una Barac, Founder and Executive Director, Atellior