Atellior's project Carlyle Penthouse featured in Büro 24/7


Carlyle Penthouse at Chelsea Creek featured in Büro 24/7

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Our vision for Carlyle Penthouse at Lockside House was to create a unique interior that reflects both the elegant architecture and the water-features of Chelsea Creek. For inspiration we looked to the River Thames and the meticulously designed waterways and landscape surrounding Lockside House, in order to bring soft, shimmering colours and textures  into this spectacular penthouse. The unique vicinity of the Kings Road with it’s amazing shops, bars and restaurants inspired us to create a stunning West London home, that combines European chic with timeless British elegance.

Chelsea Harbour and the furniture and lighting hub of Fulham Road provided us with plenty of quintessential British design inspiration. We worked meticulously with local, London based artisans in order to create a bespoke collection of furniture and lighting. We took great care to procure the artwork and the leading art consultancy we worked with, helped us create an immaculate collection of contemporary paintings, artistic photography and historic prints, richly layering and complimenting the overall interior design scheme. A selection of large paintings were commissioned especially for this penthouse reflecting the exceptional standard that St George achieved at this Chelsea Creek development.

At the heart of our design was the aim to create a unique home that is both welcoming and stylish but above all provides life’s necessities, comforts and luxuries. Alongside spectacular interiors we gave special attention to the generous terraces, which provide additional entertainment and relaxation space, connecting this unique penthouse with meticulous architecture and landscape of Chelsea Creek.