Atellior featured in Mix Interiors Magazine

Atellior featured in Mix Interiors Magazine

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Una Barac is an award-winning architect and founder of Atellior – an architecture and interior design studio with offices in both London and Croatia, specialising in the hospitality and residential sectors. Current Artelior projects include Trent Park London for Berkeley Homes, Park Plaza County Hall London, Art’otel Berlin and Cologne and Four Seasons Hvar in Croatia – to name a few. Here are the items Una would wish for if stranded on our desert island.


I absolutely love reading so top of my list would be my Kindle, which would be full of books that I haven’t read or ones that I want to re-read. Sadly, at the moment I don’t have enough time to read, so this could be the perfect opportunity to catch up. Books would include a mix of classics like Jane Austin, for the eternal romantic in me. I’d include a few spiritual authors like Kahlil Gibran and the Dalai Lama, along with The Little Prince and The Book Thief, as they are my favourites – plus lots of action-packed thrillers by Ian Rankin and Dan Brown.

Le Creuset pots

I really enjoy cooking, as it’s a great way to express creativity. To enjoy a delicious meal as a reward at the end is such a wonderful bonus. I hope to find lots of interesting herbs and vegetables to cook alongside grilled fish… Would I have to catch them? I’d also be hoping for some amazing birds to lay nice eggs. And I’m not planning on eating meat – catching and preparing fish would be hard enough!

A boat with a skipper

So I can leave when I wish! I’ve always been fiercely independent and I like being in control of my destiny. A boat would also be good for exploring. I love travel as I find it an incredible way of learning and expanding horizons.

A Missoni bikini

Being an eternal optimist I’d hope that another person would already be on the island, so covering my modesty would be important! I love catching the late afternoon sun. I grew up spending my summers at the Adriatic Coast – so I associate sea and sunbathing with some of my happiest early memories.

Moleskine sketch book

Being an architect, I love sketching and find it an essential way to express my thoughts and ideas. If I don’t have my sketch book I’m waving my hands in the air whilst speaking, or pulling a pen out and drawing on napkins. A note book is also good for penning down thoughts and reflecting. And I love writing lists as it keeps me focused and organised. Ticking things off a list is hugely satisfying and gives me a great sense of achievement.

My phone

Whilst there won’t be any network or electricity to charge it, I’m working on the assumption I could charge it on my boat. I’m a people’s person and I’d miss talking to my friends and family. I’d also miss working, as I can’t switch off for long. My phone has all my photos and music on it. A phone would also be fun to take photos with. And practical, as it has a light!

A radio transmitter

As mentioned earlier I love communicating with people. Some solitude is great for reflection and personal growth and development – but interaction with people is equally important for the same reasons. I’d love a radio transmitter (solar powered, obviously) so it could also be used to call for help. My practical side always kicks in!