Executive Director Una Barac took part at the round table discussion about sustainability

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The panel of experts discussed the pressures the design community is under at the round table organized by Mix Interiors at the Cosentino's showroom in London

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Mix Interiors latest round table assessed some of the pressures that the design community is under when the key objective is to land the job but still aim to provide a sustainable solution. So, suitably surrounded by sponsor Cosentino’s beautiful and sustainable products – who were generous enough to take over their Old Street showroom for this round table - the pannel began by discussing the real meaning of sustainability from esteemed panel’s eyes.


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“In our experience it is between seven and 15 years, although we have seen projects that are refurbished within five years. These tend to be soft refurbs in heavy footfall areas in cities such as London and New York, which have heavy occupancies. When it comes to materials, they carry the embedded energy within them and therefore are often not really sustainable – or certainly are more or less so, depending on what you’re using. Ultimately though, the big things are the air conditioning units and the chillers. By their nature, hotels are not the greenest of building typologies. We can all sit here and happily debate this subject – but when we go to our hotel rooms on a business trip or a holiday we want different temperatures, different settings – which means a non-sustainable system. It is the MEP in hotels that is the big sustainability tick or minus. Ultimately, we all want the right settings in our rooms, so our hoteliers are providing us with what we want – which are not very sustainable buildings.” - Una Barac, Founder and Executive Director, Atellior